Our Mission

The founders of Leaflow Inc. are working single mothers so we know stress. We created Leaflow to develop new safe CBD products to support your inner strength so stress flows around you like water around a rock in a mountain stream.

What We Do

We propose various ways to alleviate the physical and mental stresses of the volatile generation, and contribute to building a better society by providing healthy and Japanese high quality edible products with CBD.

Coming soon!

Amazingly wonderful CBD edible product from Japan

will be available this year!

Most CBD products, while we know they are good for you, have not achieved the point where they are tasty and enjoyable to eat...due to the bitterness of the ingredients.

Leaflow's unique manufacturing process pursues the best taste of Japanese quality. Fresh and gentle aroma and taste will relax you at the moment you have it.
We promise that our ingredient has the highest quality, organic, safe and secure CBD from our own partners.

Our product is something to stay closer those who has stress with their work, health, and life-plan to support them.

Make yourself sustainable, that makes the society sustainable.

For Potential Partners

While still new, CBD awareness and demand are growing rapidly, and we believe Japan will quickly become one of the largest and most profitable CBD markets in the world. We have the world’s 3rd largest economy and probably the highest concentration of stressed out over achievers, so lots of potential customers!

We are seeking partners that share our beliefs in sustainability, quality and honesty. We look for the following:

1. Farms using organic soils and sustainable farming techniques

2. Clear documentation and traceability of the manufacturing process.

3. Very pure CBD oils, ideally using CO2 extraction methods

4. Oils should be derived from stems or seeds, not from leaves.

5. Near zero THC levels, Japanese regulation requires less than 0.005% THC concentration

6. Lab tested to ensure that the composition of the ingredients is precise and meets specifications.

Product quality standards including lab testing and controlled manufacturing are very important for us.

If you are a CBD raw material supplier who believes that the world needs new CBD products and wishes to spread CBD globally, please contact us!


Honored to announce that we have been selected for "Meiji Accelerator".
More information is available at
Meiji Press Release

Our Team


Rui is a Tokyo based experienced serial entrepreneur. Has co-founded Carry On Inc. in 2013, operating "Carry On (Social Closet®) " hassle-free sharing platform for gently worn children’s clothing. Well experienced with e-commerce, sustainability for apparel industry, PR & branding, strategy marketing, team building.

Previously, 10+ years experience at event operation, public relations, emceeing, interpreting as freelance. 3 years experience at Maersk Line for international shipping business. Bachelor of Arts, Keio University 1997.

Co-Founder/COO, CMO

Miki has been an experienced editor and copywriter in localization, Marketing and PR services for more than 20 years. A strong business development professional, accomplished author, editor, marketer with a passion for travel by air as a pilot, or by sea as a captain. Educated at St. Paul University with a BS in Economics. A list of Miki's published books can be found at : https://surprise-enterprise.com/"

Official CBD adviser by Clinical CBD Oil Study group


Leaflow Inc. Tokyo, Minato-ku, 106-0047
Please feel free to contact us at hello@leaflow.jp for more detailed information about us.

Top banner photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash